Hoshizaki KM-2600SRJZ3 | KMEdge Stackable Crescent Ice Cuber with URC-26JZ, Remote-cooled, 3 Phase

  • Hoshizaki KM-2600SRJZ3

    The Hoshizaki KM-2600SWJ3 Stackable Ice Cuber is a cutting-edge ice machine designed to meet the high demands of commercial establishments such as restaurants, hotels, and bars. With its stackable design, this ice cuber allows for increased ice production capacity, making it an ideal choice for businesses that require a large volume of ice on a daily basis.

    Features & Benefits

    • Creating unique crescent-shaped ice cubes
    • Utilizing a stainless steel evaporator
    • Incorporating the innovative CycleSaver design
    • Generates a maximum of 2617 lbs. of ice per 24 hours
    • Stackable configuration allows for 5234 lbs. of ice production within the same floor space
    • Durable stainless steel exterior
    • Protected by H-Guard Plus Antimicrobial Agent
    • EverCheck alert system
    • R-404A Refrigerant
    • URC-22FZ Remote-cooled system, 3 Phase